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The Experience

We’ve all been to musical concerts in reverentially quiet auditoriums, to energetic music festivals, gigs in clubs and restaurants, but how many times have you traveled to the place where the music you love was born, where musicians spend hours honing their art, tuning their instruments to give the exact note they want?

Amarrass has created two tours that will take you to where music lives... 

Himalayan Baithak
2 Nights/3 Days
At Soulitude By The Riverside
(Next baithak on: 24th May 2024)

Day passes also available

The baithak, or ‘sitting’, is the traditional way in which music was and still is listened to in India. Musicians play for a small and exclusive audience, interacting with the performers. Only a very few people experience this in their lives however, and decreasingly so in our times, when musicians play to large audiences and are regularly on tour.
Here is a chance for one to... Read More

Coming Soon

The Padma Shri is a civilian award given by the government of India to individuals who make distinguished contributions in their field. Padma Shri Lakha Khan was awarded in 2021 for his music, for being the greatest living exponent of the Sindhi Sarangi and for being the keeper of the ancient tradition of the Manganiyars.
The centrepiece of this tour is a visit to Lakhaji’s home in the village of... Read More.

Why Us?

The team at Sadhana travels lives by the motto of their founder Ashutosh Sharma that no request is too big an ask. Stranded at an airport – no problem an innovate solution will be found. Last minute date change onto a fully booked flight somehow at 3 am when the one seat becomes available they will get it for you. A complicated itinerary with Train, plane, horse drawn travel and camel cart, staying an esoteric boutique hotels and booking special cultural events – no problem it will all be coordinated to the last detail. I mean with this kind of personalised service why would you go on to the net especially since Sadhana’s rates are very competitive. In a world of B2C travel Ashutosh is the master of H2H travel planning. And H2H incase you’re wondering is human to human contact travel.


William Nanda Bissell

Managing Director,


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