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The team at Sadhana travels lives by the motto of their founder Ashutosh Sharma that no request is too big an ask. Stranded at an airport – no problem an innovate solution will be found. Last minute date change onto a fully booked flight somehow at 3 am when the one seat becomes available they will get it for you. A complicated itinerary with Train, plane, horse drawn travel and camel cart, staying an esoteric boutique hotels and booking special cultural events – no problem it will all be coordinated to the last detail. I mean with this kind of personalised service why would you go on to the net especially since Sadhana’s rates are very competitive. In a world of B2C travel Ashutosh is the master of H2H travel planning. And H2H incase you’re wondering is human to human contact travel.


William Nanda Bissell

Managing Director,


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